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Trust Your Gut -Jonathan Jamieson (JJ Leathersmith)

Make Ideas Reality Podcast

Taking a leap of faith and trusting your gut takes courage, but it used to be standard operating practice. Intuition and instinct kept humans safe for thousands of years, but as we’ve evolved, we’ve learned to lean on data, discrediting our gut as dangerous.

My guest today Jonathan Jamieson From JJ Leathersmith. Has honed his intuition over the years, and shares his journey of finding himself stranded in Mozambique trusting his gut to use his last amount of money to make a leather backpack of all things. That decision ultimately changed his life forever and he hasn't looked back

Jonathan and I also talk about the advantages of trusting your gut over your head. and how you can build those gut trusting skills by implementing some simple techniques into your daily routines.

Man if you are not inspired by this podcast I give up. So buckle up and get ready to get inspired and Lets do this!

BTW his work is awesome and you should go check it out and support him.

JJ Leathersmith Links:

Justin White (Garage Avenger)

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