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Born and raised in Sydney Australia. I joke by saying I have been "Making shit since birth" but that is not the truth. I had always been a creative man at heart but didn't always use my creativity. As a young man I thought to crush what creativity I had and joined the military. Where I served for 8 years as a submarine technician.

After the military, my life or should I say my wife brought me to Norway. For years I struggled to understand why I was so unhappy. Then I decided to make my daughter (2 years old at the time) a soapbox car. Lets just say it was not just a couple of planks and some wheels. 

I found my passion! A passion for making my dreams and ideas reality.  If there is something I think would be cool. I'll build it. If I have a problem. I'll build something to fix it.

I do this all from my little garage in Norway. Focusing on using as much recycled material as possible. Each project I take on always has an element or a skill that I have never done before. This not only makes for good viewing but allows me to expand and flex my creativity.  I live by my mission to "Ignite Creativity so that others are inspired to make their ideas reality" This is what I hope to do with all my projects, YouTube videos or just anything I work with.  

Have a look around my site and see what I'm all about and I hope to have you join the GA Nation and come along for the ride. 

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