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Making Dreams into Products - Giaco Whatever

Turning dreams into reality is kind of what I’m all about. I come up with crazy stupid ideas and then find a way to make them reality. That’s why I called this podcast Make Ideas Reality. I wanted to inspire and give my audience the tools to push through the barriers that are stopping them from making their ideas a reality.

My guest today Giacomo Di Muro otherwise known as “Giaco Whatever” seems to smash through those barriers. Well at least Leap over them with his like Super Mario. Giaco has pioneered his way into product design and manufacturing from his humble beginnings, as a maker on YouTube channel Giaco Whatever.

Today we delve into the way he sees the world and how that has shaped the way he approaches his work.

Giaco shares with us what has been critical to his success

We did deep into how he turns an idea into reality such as the maker knife

And we hear about his newest Kickstarter project NOSHORTCUTS


1) Before we get started. Do you want to introduce yourself, who is Giaco?

1-2 minute elevator pitch on: Who you are? Where you are from? What you do?

Today out topic is “Turning dreams into Reality”

I brought you on the show today not only because you are good looking but because you have now made a career of turning dreams into physical products and doing so in your own unique style and way of thinking.

You’ve had some very successful product launches and you don’t seem to be slowing down. I want to delve deeper into the way you think about things to inspire and help our audience realize their potential to go Make their Ideas a reality.

2) You had a very successful internet start-up which you sold a few years back. But what you do now is very different to that.

What was the driving force that made you go from the digital world to the physical world?

3) You started making things and you thought I’ll start documenting this. So you started making YouTube videos.

How critical has being different and doing things your own way been to your success?

4) With a YouTube name Giaco Whatever and the creation of diverse products

Was it important to you to not get pigeonholed into one type of content or product?

5) When I talked with you recently you mentioned how paragliding was just a part of your philosophy of trying new things everyday and getting out of your comfort zone.

How has this philosophy helped you develop your skills of turning dreams into reality?

6) I wondered if you could perhaps break down your process of turning and Idea into reality

Where does the process start? How do you do from and idea swimming around your head then move it forward to eventually make it a reality?

7) Being that we just talked about your process of making an idea reality. I wanted to give you some airtime to talk about your newest Kickstarter project NOSHORTCUTS

What is NOSHORTCUTS who would benefit most from this project?


1) What is something people get wrong about you?

2) What is something you like doing that has nothing to do with making?

3) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

4) What does happiness look like?

5) Who should be the next guest on the podcast?

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