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Thinking Big - Paul Jackman

Thinking big.

It widens your horizons, taking you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

The ability to ‘Think BIG’ is one of the cornerstones of success, but we’ve all had big lofty new year’s resolutions and 3 weeks in we’ve thrown in the towel.

What does it actually mean to think big? And how do we achieve those big goals without falling flat on our face 3 weeks in?

My guest today Paul Jackman of Jackman Works is known for his scaled up BIG projects but today we won’t be just probing him about that. We’ll be talking about how he thinks big.

We’ll hear where it all begun for him.

Paul lifts the curtain on his creative process

And we hear about, how thinking big has brought friends, sponsors and even tv networks knocking.


1) Who is Paul Jackman?

2) Where did this all start? Who got you interested in wielding a tools and breathing sawdust?

3) Now you are known for your pallet wood and scaled up projects. It seems you have chosen to be unique in your choice of materials, projects and videos

Is there any part of you that wished you just made normal sized things from normal materials, with a normal video to match?

4) This brings me to my next question I’ve heard you say about pallet wood and advertisements that you thought “There is more to this”.

Firstly, can you explain this thinking?

What has surprised you in your journey so far, from this type of thinking?

5) Let’s pull the curtain back on your creative process. Because lets face it building large projects is intimidating. Here is the scenario: You are standing around with no project ideas in your head.

What does your creative process look like? Where do you get inspiration? How do you take an idea and make it reality?

6) It’s pretty clear when you think big, but take the small steps towards a big goal you are going to be successful.. Now however you define success. Networking and relationships also seem to be key.

How has thinking big helped built friendships and professional relationships?


1) What is something people get wrong about you?

2) What is something you like doing that has nothing to do with making?

3) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

4) What does happiness look like?

5) Who should be the next guest on the podcast?

To finish the show with a quote from Tony Robbins. He says, “most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!” think about that! If your thinking big you need to have patience. Otherwise, your selling yourself short.

‘Thinking big’ means being able to dream and visualize what you can achieve on an audacious scale: with no limits. It is about being open-minded, positive, creative and seeing opportunity in the long term and bigger picture

I want to encourage you guys to think about putting this thinking into effect and take action on the small things first. At the same time, put no limits on your goals. Go for that big crazy project idea or dream big. But remember the little steps are what counts. So, find that passion, drive and energy and take one step at a time to make your ideas reality.

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