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Navigating Self Doubt - Bob Clagett ( I Like To Make Stuff )

Make Ideas Reality Podcast

I’m talking to a little unknown maker/ youtuber Bob Clagett From I Like To Make Stuff We are delving into his experience with self-doubt and how he only really began to encounter it later in life.

We touch on his upbringing and the factors that can contribute to self-doubt later in life such as, past mistakes, Comparison, Feeling out of your comfort zone and Fear of failure or success

Self-doubt occurs when we lack confidence or feel incapable of doing things we need to do. People who doubt themselves experience uncertainty around things they can’t control or worry about things not going according to plan.

A certain level of self-doubt is good because it indicates that you understand what you need to improve in order to do a better job. However, persistent fear and self-doubt can hugely affect your life

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Bob and I know you’ll get something from this episode. So.... Lets do this!


Justin White (Garage Avenger)

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