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Making vs Buying - Grant Alexander ( The Grant Alexander)

Make Ideas Reality Podcast

Have you got friends or family who think, because you like to make things you want to build them a shitty coffee table? or Do you feel guilty buying something that you could have easily made.

Well today I’m talking with Grant Alexander, a Canadian maker and youtuber. About Understanding and knowing when and how to say NO to those pesky in-law friends or family when they drop the bomb that they want you to build something. We also talk about Making vs Buying - The things you might want to consider when faced with the choice of making something or buying it. We are going to analytically look at the pro and cons of making over buying and how you can possibly save your marriage by knowing when to buy instead of make that thing your wife or partner wanted.

I hope you all enjoy. Let's do this!

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Justin White (Garage Avenger)

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