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Grit - Brett Mcafee (Skull & Spade 13)

Make Ideas Reality Podcast

In this episode I’m talking with Brett Mcafee from Skull & Spade 13.

We talk about Grit – No not sandpaper. No Grit as in – having the intestinal fortitude to push through hard times

We talk about how "grit" got him in the position to work with the god father himself Jimmy Diresta for over 3 years. and all the benefits and sacrifices that came with that.

We also touch on having a bad relationship with numbers and his unique way of looking at the numbers when you are starting youtube.

This episode is packed full of hard-hitting truths and some great take away’s.

There is an 2 ½ hour unedited version of this podcast for all true skull and spade 13 fans on my patreon. It’s a public. So no need or pressure to sign up just click the link and enjoy.

Regardless I know your and going to get something from this episode lock yourself away in you workshop and get ready to be inspired and Enjoy

Brett Mcafee - Links

Justin White (Garage Avenger)

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