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A Makers Superpower is...??? - Mike Troxel

In a society that seems to feel ever more distant and unengaging. Where you mostly hide behind a screen even when socializing. You hardly know your neighbors and cultural events are not favored over watching the squid game on Netflix. It all seems a little grim, but we as makers have the power to change this.

Though it sometimes brings us down with self-doubt and a healthy dose of impostor syndrome, making is an incredible anti-depressant. It is cathartic. It is addictive. It traps us in a spiral of positive thinking that can only ever create a good people. For those engaged in the maker community this is clearly evident. And Who better to change the world but us.

Today we are going to talking with Mike Troxel about his experiences of using his creativity to impact his local community.

We deep dive into his story

He shares with us some of his projects and the impact they had.

We talk about why you as a maker are one of the most important assets to your local community.

And Mike suggests some ways you as a little maker in your little workshop can make an impact and engage others to change the world.

If you’ve wanted to make an impact and engage others to change the world. Then I hope this episode will inspire you to take action.

Mike Troxel:

Justin White (Garage Avenger)

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